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Our Program Highlights

Our programs are designed to enrich and advance a child’s educational experience without creating stress for the child.

123 Ready…Set…Grow Academy is part of the Contra Costa County 1st Five “Preschool Makes a Difference” Program. The PMD Program is a scholarship program for eligible families with children ages 3-5 to attend a High-Quality Preschool. The preschools undergo a rigorous assessment and are required to maintain quality by continuing education and parent communication.

At 123 Ready…Set…Grow Academy, we believe that smaller class sizes are best for growth.  With that in mind, we keep our class ratios small.

Infant – 4:1               Toddler – 6:1               School Age – 8:1

We utilize a theme-based curriculum; RFTS Preschool and Handwriting Without Tears that allows children an opportunity to explore in a developmentally appropriate environment.  Children experience large and small group situations along with individual assistance while exploring the areas of Language/Literacy, Math, Science/Cultural, Music, and Art.

On a daily basis, youngsters participate in each of the focus areas and Circle Time activities and explore designated locations in the classroom known as “Centers” to the preschoolers.  Socialization is encouraged throughout the daily activities as an integral part of the preschool curriculum.

kids booksLanguage/Literacy

The Language/Literacy Focus is scheduled both in the morning and afternoon.  Reading books, learning rhymes distinguishing the names of the letters, and learning their beginning sounds are included in each session.




Math is a small group activity allowing time for exploration, working with patterns, sorting, classifying and comparing materials, and counting by rote with concrete objects.



Science is included daily with the weather activity during Circle Time and at other times during the week as a separate activity that includes observing, predicting, hands-on experimenting, and discussing various observations.

Cultural activities are presented throughout the week providing children with opportunities to experience and appreciate other lifestyles in the world along with their own.


The Music Focus is a time to explore rhythms, play musical instruments, sing, dance, discover various kinds of music, and develop gross motor skills.


Art allows children opportunities to experience a variety of art materials and challenge their imaginations while developing fine motor skills.