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Openings for the waiting list occur when children leave the center or when they move to the next classroom. Parents will be called from the waiting list only when the opening is in the infant room; or when a child leaves the center creating an available spot if we do not have a child waiting to move up to an older classroom

The number of children in each classroom, birthdays of the children in each room, and the size of the waiting list for each group play a part in how long it may take to get your child into the program.

While you are waiting for a position in our center your child will get older. Therefore, your child’s name will be moved to the waiting list for the appropriate age group. This may change your position on the list. For example, you put your toddler on our waiting list when he is two years and ten months old. Two months pass and you are still waiting to get your child in, and your child is now three years old. Your child will be placed on the waiting list for the three-year-old classroom, in a position that correlated to the day we received your application. (This change will affect two waiting lists – the toddlers list and the preschool list).

Childcare arrangements change all the time. While on our list, some may have found alternate arrangements. When called, these parents may be happy with their current arrangement and may not want the opening. If this is the case, we ask if they wish to remain on our list in case their current arrangement changes. Then the next family on the list is contacted.

Most openings occur singly; therefore, parents with twins or siblings on the list may opt to enroll one child at a time since they may have to wait a long time for two positions to become available at the same time. (If one child at a time is enrolled, it is with the understanding that the next available opening will be for their other child.)

We always encourage you to visit at any time. You may call us to schedule an appointment for your family. Or feel free to drop in when it’s convenient for you.